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Using PMC -PCI Adapter card ,i have interfaced my PowerPC MPC8280 (which is
configured as PCI bridge) as agent to personal computer. when this setup
having MPC8280 card with  powered ON and connected to PC .PC is getting
hanged while system is booting up. I am finding problem when this card is
powered ON state before system is boot up. But if this MPC8280(PCI Bridge)
card with powered ON  is connected to PMC carrier adapter after PC  has
booted up, it is getting identified by system and able to watch my device
details (configuration space) using "PCI Explorer  Software". But using this
software, it is showing this single PCI device  as 31 different devices. Why
this is showing as 31 PCI devices? Also why PC is not getting Booted, after
this PCI Bridge in power ON state is connected to PMC -PCI Adapter card that
already in PCI slot of my PC? I am unable to solve this problem.

I am finding the same issue even I am using this set up on Linux based host

I approached Freescale support for this issue by sending my PCI card
schematics. They analyzed and came up with small changes, but still we could
not able to solve this problem. So we wanted to start tracing the problem
from software side. That's why I wanted  to install  my PCI card into Linux
based   host. To do this whether I need to write /include any driver code
into my Linux host .If I need to  write driver code how to start & where
exactly needs changes/inclusions of code stuff in linux code.

Already I am studying kernel documentation and drivers code under source
code. Referring  Linux device Driver 3rd edition O'reilly s book.

I am new to linux.

 Please  help me in getting through this  problem.


Thanks & regards

V mohan rao

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