PowerPC radeon KMS - is it possible?

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Wed Apr 18 05:49:35 EST 2012

Hi list,
Firstly let me say thanks for the great work you do!!!
I've been trying to get Kernel Mode Setting working on my iBook with Ubuntu 12.04.  I can only get it working by forcing PCI mode (agpmode=-1).  Setting agpmode=1 or a higher number just results in freezing and a flashing screen.  Does anybody know how to get it working fully with agp?
I've tried the Debian experimental kernel with the same results.  I notice with Fedora 16 they also recommend setting agpmode=-1 with a radeon card.  So I'm guessing there is no easy fix??
I've been trying to sort out the kernel configuration for ati/radeon cards with Ubuntu.  I raised a bug to build back in the framebuffers https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/949288 .  I'd appreciate any help with that bug report.
With Userspace Mode Setting there is nolonger any 3D hardware acceleration (https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mesa/+bug/946677 ) so this is why I'm interested in getting KMS working properly.  However, some people seem to really want suspend which currently requires radeonfb.  So I'm trying to find a kernel configuration that works well for UMS and KMS!!!  
This is what I proposed:




So people can disable radeonfb from the yaboot prompt/conf if they want fully working KMS.  I'm not sure if CONFIG_AGP_UNINORTH should be compiled as a module or built in.   We are now in kernel freeze for 12.04 so to get any changes is going to take some serious begging!!!
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