[PATCH] net: ibm_newemac: Don't start autonegotiation when disabled in BMCR (genmii)

Stefan Roese sr at denx.de
Wed Jul 20 17:18:34 EST 2011

On Tuesday 19 July 2011 14:29:30 Benjamin Herrenschmidt wrote:
> > I feel that this BMCR_ANENABLE bit should be evaluated, but I have no
> > strong preference here. If you prefer that this should be handled via a
> > new dt property (phy-aneg = "disabled" ?), I can implement it this way.
> > Just let me know.
> Don't we already have some bindings for PHY with a fixed setting ? I
> don't remember off hand, we need to dbl check.

The only related PHY property I found is "fixed-link" used in fs_enet-main.c. 
None in the emac driver. Here the description for "fixed-link":


  - fixed-link : <a b c d e> where a is emulated phy id - choose any,
    but unique to the all specified fixed-links, b is duplex - 0 half,
    1 full, c is link speed - d#10/d#100/d#1000, d is pause - 0 no
    pause, 1 pause, e is asym_pause - 0 no asym_pause, 1 asym_pause.

But what I really want to achieve, is to skip auto-negotiation (use the 
strapped configuration). And not to define this fixed configuration (again) in 
the device-tree. So I would prefer something like phy-aneg = "disabled".

What do you think?


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