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Sun Jan 23 05:24:46 EST 2011


If I enable SMP then I can build a 2.6.28 kernel with gcc 4.3.5 that
WILL boot on the PowerMac8600 (single 750GX). The previously mentioned
G4 that runs is a dual cpu beast and thus also runs SMP.

I at least know this (ok, I THINK I know):

For non-SMP:  The spinlock 'acct_lock' in kernel/acct.c that IS
present in 3.4.6 (i.e. kernel 2.6.28 compiled with gcc 3.4.6). Not so
much for 4.3.5. I have not yet done a general 4.3.5 compiled 2.6.28
spinlock safari.

Don't some funky, optimizery things happen to spinlocks for the NON-smp case?

I'll see what the 4.2.x gcc does.



P.S.:  There is one other difference for the SMP 4.3.5 compiled
2.6.28:  my 750gx cpufreq driver gets disabled. It is fairly isolated
code though. Should not be able to nuke the spinlock in kernel/acct.c

On Fri, Jan 21, 2011 at 1:26 PM, kevin diggs <diggskevin38 at> wrote:
> Hi,
> Anyone familiar with BootX? Could my problems with the 8600 be related
> to some interaction with BootX?
> kevin

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