mscan status on DENX Linux 2.6 Kernel Tree

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Thu Apr 7 19:10:48 EST 2011


Up to now I've been working ltib over and ads5121 based board.

So as not to work with frozen images I would like to change to u-boot and
kernel from denx. I did the following:

- Download and compile u-boot: OK.

- Download and kernel (mpc512x_defconfig): compilation fails if I enable
"Freescale MPC5xxx onboard CAN controller" with this message:


  LD      kernel/built-in.o

  CC      drivers/net/can/mscan/mscan.o

  CC      drivers/net/can/mscan/mpc5xxx_can.o

drivers/net/can/mscan/mpc5xxx_can.c: In function 'mpc5xxx_can_probe':

drivers/net/can/mscan/mpc5xxx_can.c:263: error: 'of_dev' undeclared (first
use in this function)


I have not much experience with this stuff but I've notice that there are
recent patches on mpc5xxx.c file, last from 2011-02-28 so I suppose this
should work. 

Am I missing something? I also wonder if ads5121-Rev4 is fully supported in
Linux Denx.





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