Problem of PowerPc 82xx when using smc

Scott Wood scottwood at
Sat May 22 03:28:18 EST 2010

On 05/20/2010 10:33 PM, hellohello wrote:
>> No, it shouldn't -- rx_bd_base is of type "cbd_t *", so the multiplication
>> already happens as part of pointer arithmetic.
> ---Yes, you are right. I made a basic mistake.
> But now I have another question.
> The SMC1 params can be relocated to any offset of the DPRAM on a 64 byte boundary, not as the SCC1, which must be  at 0x8000 offset of the DPRAM.
> The SMC1 params base is set at 0x87FC offset of the DPRAM.
> So if  I want SMC1 params start at  0x200 in DPRAM  , I should set 0x200 to the 0x87FC offset of the DPRAM.
> I have see this code in u-boot, but I can not find this code in neither cpm_uart_cpm2.c nor cpm_uart_core.c.
> Should I add these code to  cpm_uart_core.c?

Newer kernels support dynamically allocating this parameter RAM.  Older 
kernels use whatever u-boot chose.

Why do you want to set it to a particular address?


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