[PATCH 1/7] bitmap: Introduce bitmap_set, bitmap_clear, bitmap_find_next_zero_area

Akinobu Mita akinobu.mita at gmail.com
Thu Oct 29 19:53:29 EST 2009

2009/10/29 Andrew Morton <akpm at linux-foundation.org>:
> Why were these patches resent?  What changed?
> Everybody who is going to review these patches has already reviewed
> them and now they need to review them all again?

I resent the patches because the iommu-helper change was not correct
and I introduced serious bug in bitmap_find_next_zero_area()
if align_mask != 0 in follow-up patch then those were dropped from
the -mm tree.

Only [PATCH 1/7] and [PATCH 2/7] have changes since the first submission of
this patch set.

* [PATCH 1/7]
- Rewrite bitmap_set() and bitmap_clear()
- Let bitmap_find_next_zero_area() check the last bit of the limit
- Add kerneldoc for bitmap_find_next_zero_area()

* [PATCH 2/7]
- Convert find_next_zero_area() to use bitmap_find_next_zero_area() correctly
  iommu-helper doesn't want to search the last bit of the limist in bitmap

* [PATCH 3/7] - [PATCH 7/7]
- No changes

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