Cache enable missing while creating TLBs for PPC440 platform.head_44x.S file.

Vineeth _ blacklites at
Thu Oct 29 00:39:11 EST 2009

we are porting Linux 2.6.30 on a ppc440x5 based board.
when we check the kernel code in arch/powerpc/kernel/head_44x.S file @
line number 162,
while creating the TLB for 256MB, the cache enable/disable property is
not set by the kernel ? or are we missing smthing ?
when we gave that particular attribute, things started working. Please
find the kernel code below. We added "PPC44x_TLB_I" attribute to set
the cache, kernel started working.


/* Load the kernel PID = 0 */
li  r0,0
mtspr   SPRN_PID,r0

/* Initialize MMUCR */
li  r5,0
mtspr   SPRN_MMUCR,r5

/* pageid fields */
clrrwi  r3,r3,10        /* Mask off the effective page number */
ori r3,r3,PPC44x_TLB_VALID | PPC44x_TLB_256M

/* xlat fields */
clrrwi  r4,r4,10        /* Mask off the real page number */
/* ERPN is 0 for first 4GB page */

/* attrib fields */
/* Added guarded bit to protect against speculative loads/stores */
li  r5,0
ori r5,r5,(PPC44x_TLB_I|PPC44x_TLB_SW | PPC44x_TLB_SR | PPC44x_TLB_SX
| PPC44x_TLB_G)
/* that cache thing u see above line is added by some malguns there's
some issue */

li      r0,63                    /* TLB slot 63 */

tlbwe   r3,r0,PPC44x_TLB_PAGEID /* Load the pageid fields */
tlbwe   r4,r0,PPC44x_TLB_XLAT   /* Load the translation fields */
tlbwe   r5,r0,PPC44x_TLB_ATTRIB /* Load the attrib/access fields */


Is this can be considered as a good patch ?

Vineeth _

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