[PATCH] powerpc/8xx: fix regression introduced by cache coherency rewrite

Benjamin Herrenschmidt benh at kernel.crashing.org
Mon Oct 5 07:28:38 EST 2009

> I have managed to update the TLB code to make proper use of dirty and accessed states.
> Advantages are:
>  - I/D TLB Miss never needs to write to the linux pte, saving a few cycles

That's good, that leaves us with only 40x to fix now. Also we can remove
atomic updates of PTEs for all non-hash. It's pointless on those CPUs

>  - Accessed is only set by I/D TLB Error, should be a plus when SWAP is used.

No need for that neither.

ISI/DSI shouldn't touch the PTE. They should just fall back to C code
which takes care of it all.l

>  - _PAGE_DIRTY is mapped to 0x100, the changed bit, and is set directly
>     and there will be no extra DTLB Error to actually set the changed bit
>     when a page has been made dirty.
> - Proper RO/RW mapping of user space.
> Cons:
>  - 4 more insn in TLB Miss handlers, but the since the linux pte isn't
>    written it should still be a win.
> However, I did this on my 2.4 tree but I can port it to 2.6 if you guys
> can test it for me.

Why don't you use and test 2.6 ? :-)


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