[PATCH] powerpc/8xx: fix regression introduced by cache coherency rewrite

Joakim Tjernlund joakim.tjernlund at transmode.se
Mon Oct 5 07:10:32 EST 2009

Scott Wood <scottwood at freescale.com> wrote on 02/10/2009 23:49:49:
> On Thu, Oct 01, 2009 at 08:35:59AM +1000, Benjamin Herrenschmidt wrote:
> > >From what I can see, the TLB miss code will check _PAGE_PRESENT, and
> > when not set, it will -still- insert something into the TLB (unlike
> > all other CPU types that go straight to data access faults from there).
> >
> > So we end up populating with those unpopulated entries that will then
> > cause us to take a DSI (or ISI) instead of a TLB miss the next time
> > around ... and so we need to remove them once we do that, no ? IE. Once
> > we have actually put a valid PTE in.
> >
> > At least that's my understanding and why I believe we should always have
> > tlbil_va() in set_pte() and ptep_set_access_flags(), which boils down
> > in putting it into the 2 "filter" functions in the new code.
> >
> > Well.. actually, the ptep_set_access_flags() will already do a
> > flush_tlb_page_nohash() when the PTE is changed. So I suppose all we
> > really need here would be in set_pte_filter(), to do the same if we are
> > writing a PTE that has _PAGE_PRESENT, at least on 8xx.
> >
> > But just unconditionally doing a tlbil_va() in both the filter functions
> > shouldn't harm and also fix the problem, though Rex seems to indicate
> > that is not the case.
> Adding a tlbil_va to do_page_fault makes the problem go away for me (on
> top of your "merge" branch) -- none of the other changes in this thread
> do (assuming I didn't miss any).  FWIW, when it gets stuck on a fault,
> DSISR is 0xc0000000, and handle_mm_fault returns zero.

Scott and Rex

I have managed to update the TLB code to make proper use of dirty and accessed states.
Advantages are:
 - I/D TLB Miss never needs to write to the linux pte, saving a few cycles
 - Accessed is only set by I/D TLB Error, should be a plus when SWAP is used.
 - _PAGE_DIRTY is mapped to 0x100, the changed bit, and is set directly
    and there will be no extra DTLB Error to actually set the changed bit
    when a page has been made dirty.
- Proper RO/RW mapping of user space.

 - 4 more insn in TLB Miss handlers, but the since the linux pte isn't
   written it should still be a win.

However, I did this on my 2.4 tree but I can port it to 2.6 if you guys
can test it for me.


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