[PATCH] powerpc/5200: make BestComm gen_bd microcode exchangeable

Albrecht Dreß albrecht.dress at arcor.de
Sun Oct 4 01:09:46 EST 2009

Am 03.10.09 16:40 schrieb(en) Wolfram Sang:
> Sorry, I hardly know anything about the microcode. From what I know,  
> it shouldn't be much fun due to various bugs in the Bestcomm engine.

Ummm.  That's not encouraging! :-/

> Hey! No need for insults! ;)

Sorry, that wasn't my intention, but it's a MUA I *know* it doesn't  
understand it...  most OSS clients do (like Balsa, Thunderbird, kmail,  

> > Or is '3676 in general not acceptable for patches?
> Maybe. Could you try without next time, and we will see if it works  
> better?

Actually, it's in Documentation/email-clients.txt - '3676 must not be  
used.  Sorry, should have read that before!  (However, messages  
*without* folding *and* with lines > 78 characters violate RFC2822...)

> Yup, since -rc1. (git log --grep=mtd-ram)


Cheers, Albrecht.
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