[PATCH] powerpc/5200: make BestComm gen_bd microcode exchangeable

Wolfram Sang w.sang at pengutronix.de
Sun Oct 4 00:40:26 EST 2009

> doesn't give any support, so it's all trial and error and error and  
> error...  If you have any idea, pointers would be appreciated!

Sorry, I hardly know anything about the microcode. From what I know, it
shouldn't be much fun due to various bugs in the Bestcomm engine.

> I don't think so - the message body is a "format=flowed" (RFC 3676)  
> text/plain part.  Maybe your MUA doesn't display that format correctly  
> (Outlook?)?

Hey! No need for insults! ;)

Have to check if my MUA (see headers) supports it. The archives seem to have
split it as well:


I recall a similar problem, where some archives had the patch correct and some

> Or is '3676 in general not acceptable for patches?

Maybe. Could you try without next time, and we will see if it works better?

> P.S.: Did your mtd-ram/physmap_of patch you submitted a while ago make  
> it into the stock kernel?  I have some pending extra work (16-bit LPB  
> RAM access) building on top of it...

Yup, since -rc1. (git log --grep=mtd-ram)



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