Broken PCI on Sequoia

Benjamin Herrenschmidt benh at
Sat Jan 31 08:02:03 EST 2009

> | PCI host bridge /plb/pci at 1ec000000 (primary) ranges:
> |  MEM 0x0000000180000000..0x00000001bfffffff -> 0x0000000080000000 
> |   IO 0x00000001e8000000..0x00000001e800ffff -> 0x0000000000000000
> |   IO 0x00000001e8800000..0x00000001ebffffff -> 0x0000000000000000
> |  \--> Skipped (too many) !
> | 4xx PCI DMA offset set to 0x00000000
> | ppc4xx_configure_pci_PMMs: i = 0, hose->pci_mem_offset = 0x100000000
> | ppc4xx_setup_one_pci_PMM:     hose = 0xcf825000
> | ppc4xx_setup_one_pci_PMM:     reg = 0xd1000000
> | ppc4xx_setup_one_pci_PMM:     plb_addr = 0x180000000
> | ppc4xx_setup_one_pci_PMM:     pci_addr = 0x80000000
> | ppc4xx_setup_one_pci_PMM:     size = 0x40000000
> | ppc4xx_setup_one_pci_PMM:     flags = 0x200
> | ppc4xx_setup_one_pci_PMM:     index = 0
> | /plb/pci at 1ec000000: Resource out of range
>                       ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> because plb_addr + size lies outside 32-bit space.

Ok so the code was buggy already, the ISA hole patch just makes it

For that sort of 4xx PHB (ie, the PCI 2.x ones, not the PCI-X nor the
PCI-E), we only know how to program 32-bit of PLB address. IE. The old
code would have cropped the plb_addr when writing to the register, the
new code complains.

I suspect some implementation support a register to put the "high" part
of the PLB address, and that it already contains 1, so the old code
would have worked by chance, the new code doesn't because it bails out.

I need to check the doco for your CPU or any other using that cell to
see who supports what regarding the location of the outbound windows in
PLB space. I think the original 440GP which I used as a basis for the
PCI 2.x host bridge only supports 32-bits here but maybe I'm just

I'll have a look next week.


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