Why did you merge two mailing lists?

Mohammad Sadegh Sadri mamsadegh at hotmail.com
Tue Jan 6 20:26:01 EST 2009

Hi All,

First i should say thanks for your efforts and managing the mailing lists, it is great work and i know that well.
I can not understand the reason of merging PPC-embedded and PPC devel mailing lists and as you see there are many people just interested in ppc embedded and messages there. they do not have any interest in what is going on in ppc devel. 

For me, i was interested to read messages regarding Xilinx embedded powerpc core. I was just wanted to be informed about new patches, new changes, new drivers and so. and I think this is the same for many of the members of ppc embedded since Xilinx disscussion has been always one of the most active ones in that mailing list.
Now, after the merge we are receiving lots of emails which are not related to our job. So one should look at all of the email subjects carefully to filter those related to his own job and this is some thing really time consuming and boring specially with the very high traffic of this mailing list. 

any how i understand that there is no way to go back where we were previously, and so i should just say thanks, and that i have to unsubscribe from the new mailing list althougth i know there would be emails in which i'll be interested. 


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