Ethernet issues with lite5200 board from linux-2.6.31

Yogesh Chaudhari mr.yogesh at
Tue Dec 1 16:48:36 EST 2009

Hello Grant,

2009/11/30 Grant Likely <grant.likely at>:
> On Mon, Nov 30, 2009 at 2:50 AM, Yogesh Chaudhari <mr.yogesh at> wrote:
>> Hello,
>>         I am running linux kernel with rt patch on embedded board
>> based on lite5200 eval board. From linux-2.6.31 release, in which the
>> mdio patch has gone inside,  the fec ethernet does not come up on this
>> board. I get the following message at startup:
>> mpc52xx MII bus: probed
>> mdio_bus f0003000: error probing PHY at address 1
>> After the bootup if I try to do a ifconfig I get the message:
>> net eth2: of_phy_connect failed
>> If I change the value of reg in dts file (lite5200.dts) to 0 then this
>> ethernet comes up. However upto this kernel version, this was not
>> required.
>> Ethernet does not come up on board with original lite5200.dts file
> Is your board based on the Lite5200 or the Lite5200B?  The phys are at
> different addresses on those two revisions of the board.  There is a
> different .dts file for each board.
>> phy0: ethernet-phy at 1 {
>>                                 reg = <1>;
>>                         };
>> Ethernet comes up on board with this change
>> phy0: ethernet-phy at 1 {
>>                                 reg = <0>;
>>                         };
> Some PHYs treat address 0 as the 'broadcast' address.  You need to
> fill in this field (and modify the ethernet-phy@<address> node name)
> to reflect the address that your phy is actually at.

This change in reg value was not required till 2.6.31. It is only
after this version that the change is needed. Is there some change in
31 that makes this change mandatory?

> g.



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