[ewg] [PATCH] IB/ehca: Construct MAD redirect replies from request MAD

Joachim Fenkes FENKES at de.ibm.com
Thu Aug 27 19:44:30 EST 2009

Hal Rosenstock <hal.rosenstock at gmail.com> wrote on 26.08.2009 17:15:03:

> Thanks for doing this. It looks sane to me. The only issue I recall that 

> appears to be remaining is a better setting of 
> rather than hardcoding. Perhaps using the value from PortInfo is the way 
to go
> (ideally it would be that value from the port to which the the requester 
> being redirected to but that might not be so easy to get from this port.

I don't think that effort will be necessary or even legal. The requestor 
will react to the redirection with another Get(ClassPortInfo) to the 
redirection target, which will reply with its own RespTimeValue, so our 
driver should speak for itself. Since we don't know when our MAD 
processing and sending of the response is going to be scheduled (we're not 
running on real-time constraints here), we play it safe and return 18, 
which amounts to roughly a second. 

Make sense?


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