[PATCH 1/3] IB/ehca: Replace vmalloc with kmalloc

Stefan Roscher stefan.roscher at de.ibm.com
Wed Apr 22 19:11:04 EST 2009

Hi Roland, 
thanks for the quick review. I was hoping you could apply these changes 
for 2.6.30 because this will be the codebase for the next OFED release.
The patch is well tested in HPC environment and we haven't seen any 
Regarding Antons patch you are right. If a user allocates an 
unrealistically large queue pair it could happen that kmalloc() is not 
able to allocate the memory. In this case we will return ENOMEM to the 
user so the kernel will not be affected at all. We plan to add vmalloc() 
call in case kmalloc() fails for the next kernel release.
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21.04.2009 19:34
Re: [PATCH 1/3] IB/ehca: Replace vmalloc with kmalloc

 > +             queue->queue_pages = kmalloc(nr_of_pages * sizeof(void 

How big might this buffer be?  Any chance of allocation failure due to
memory fragmentation?

 - R.

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