AMCC 440EP phy detection

Eddie Dawydiuk eddie at
Thu Apr 9 04:35:23 EST 2009


> Ack. We usually do all this setup in U-Boot. But as I understand Eddie, he is 
> using a custom bootloader.

Correct, I'll put this code in the platform initialization. Thanks for the 
suggestions everyone.

> Eddie, btw: Why are you not using U-Boot?

At Technologic Systems, one of our design goals for all of our products is to 
achieve a very quick boot time(under 2 seconds to a shell prompt). We then 
provide a user space utility to boot another linux kernel, this allows our 
customers to use Linux as a bootloader. We boot to an initial ramdisk then use a 
linuxrc script as a replacement for a typical bootloader(e.g. U-Boot). In the 
background we can then mount a large filesystem with Debian installed. In my 
opinion it works out quite nicely in that one can use our boards as more of an 
appliance(apply power and it's on, rather than waiting for a computer to boot).

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