Printk time stamp seems to be stuck.

Subodh Nijsure sunijsur at
Wed Apr 8 04:18:06 EST 2009

I  am running PPC kernel (2.6.26) with .config that contains
CONFIG_PRINTK_TIME=y also I am booting kernel with parameter printk.time=1. 
I am also booting the kernel with option initcall_debug and I see following
output after setup_vmstat() the printk timestamp feature stops working. 
i.e. after call to setup_vmstat all printk messages have same timestamp...
[    4.294855] calling  pdflush_init+0x0/0x28()
[    4.294926] initcall pdflush_init+0x0/0x28() returned 0 after 0 msecs
[    4.294931] calling  kswapd_init+0x0/0x2c()
[    4.294962] initcall kswapd_init+0x0/0x2c() returned 0 after 0 msecs
[    4.294966] calling  setup_vmstat+0x0/0x74()
[    4.294966] initcall setup_vmstat+0x0/0x74() returned 0 after 0 msecs
[    4.294966] calling  init_emergency_pool+0x0/0x84()
[    4.294966] highmem bounce pool size: 64 pages
Has anybody else seen this or there is something odd with my kernel/board

/Subodh Nijsure
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