[patch 2/2] powerpc: optimise smp_wmb

Segher Boessenkool segher at kernel.crashing.org
Thu May 22 08:07:00 EST 2008

> The main question is do we care if the downgrade to sync on power3 
> hurts
> performances (and does it ?) and what do we do for 32 bits as 
> currently,
> no 32 bits implementation has lwsync afaik (though that might not be
> true for long).

Some time ago, I benchmarked (*) a loop of "stw;sync" vs. "stw;eieio"
on a 750 (yeah, great micro-benchmark, heh); and the sync version
was a factor ~100 slower.

> Also, we don't, I think, have verified that they all properly ignore 
> the
> added bit and behave as sync rather than program checking..

The architecture books don't have a programming note about this
(like they do in similar cases), so either a) it works fine on
every implementation; or b) someone forgot to add such a note.

We shouldn't use lwsync on 32-bit (it's an awful performance hit
on "classic" cpus, and who knows what it does on embedded cpus
(bookE *shudder*)).  For POWER3 and *star, i.e., all 64-bit?  Perhaps
it'll be okay there, but if as you suggest some 32-bit CPUs will add
proper lwsync support soonish, maybe a feature fixup or some such is
in order.


(*) Not on purpose.

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