ARCH=ppc -> ARCH=powerpc : help needed for dts file

Andy Fleming afleming at
Wed May 7 08:54:02 EST 2008

> Now back to the first an bigger problem :
> currently, I have an "old" U-boot and I have written myself a dts  
> file.
> Problem is : ethernet does not work, but that's not a mac-address  
> problem,
> but something else that I do not understand yet.  The symptom is I get
> 	ip route add default via dev eth0
> 	RTNETLINK answers: Network is unreachable
> I surmise this is because my eth0 does not become up, and I surmise
> again this is because there is no driver selected to drive the phy.
> In my arch/ppc setup this was automagically handled by fixed at 100:1  
> Is there something I can put in my dts file to activate a driver for  
> my phy ?
> Best regards

This slipped under my radar, and I'm only just now finding it again.   
Have your issues been resolved?  If not, could you send a bit more of  
the boot log?  There should be a little more if the PHY was not  
found.  If you were operating with a fixed PHY setup before, then the  
generic PHY driver (which will automatically bind to your PHY) should  
suffice unless your MDIO bus is broken.


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