4xx support in arch/ppc is going away Real Soon Now

Paul Mackerras paulus at samba.org
Sat Jun 7 22:09:01 EST 2008

Grant Likely writes:

> BTW Paul, we agreed in your absence on IRC that you should take the
> honors of committing the kill arch/ppc patch and the associated top
> spot in LWN's top committers list... but there's a price.  You may
> very well get mailed the bar tab from the ding-dong-arch-ppc-is-dead
> party at OLS this year. >:-}

I'll happily pick up the bar tab, but only if you guys will pay my
airfare (business class of course :) so I can get to OLS and be at
that party. :D

> Oh, and we're going try to create the longest acked-by chain in Linux history.

Cool :)


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