printk time confusion?

Andreas Schwab schwab at
Thu Apr 3 22:24:39 EST 2008

Johannes Berg <johannes at> writes:

>> >> [  155.982345] ioctl32(gnome-terminal:6543): Unknown cmd fd(31) cmd(0000530b){t:'S';sz:0} arg(0fd7bbe0) on /dev/pts/8
>> > Proably ioctl's that lack a 32 bits conversion, you'll have to dig in
>> > the pty stuff to find out which ones it is and if it can be a problem...
>> 0x53xx is claimed by cdrom.h, and 0x530b is CDROMSUBCHNL.  Of course, a
>> tty does not implement cdrom ioctls.
> Humm ok, then the first question is why gnome-terminal tries that

Perhaps some misconfiguration, I can't reproduce that here (with

> and the second why it would printk something?

To ease finding missing compat ioctl handlers.


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