Jens Axboe jens.axboe at
Wed Sep 19 22:53:18 EST 2007

On Mon, Sep 17 2007, David Howells wrote:
> James Bottomley <James.Bottomley at> wrote:
> > > Which solution would you be more comfortable with?
> > 
> > The one which is currently in -mm is this one:
> > 
> >;a=commit;h=49892223f7d3a2333ef9e6cbdd526676e1fc517a
> In my opinion, this is the wrong fix.  There shouldn't be anything in
> the kernel using stuff from bsg.h if CONFIG_BLOCK=n, so there should
> be an error if anything tries to.  The correct fix is to exclude the
> non-userspace-visible contents of bsg.h with #ifdef CONFIG_BLOCK, not
> to declare things that we've tried to make sure specifically aren't
> declared.

I agree, I'll pass your fix on.

Jens Axboe

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