[NEWBIE] Interrupt-problem mpc5200

S. Fricke silvio.fricke at googlemail.com
Thu Sep 13 04:30:38 EST 2007


> > I have looked up "kernel/irq/manage.c". "-ENOSYS" is returned on function
> > "setup_irq" because the used irq(MPC52xx_IRQ2) is the same as no_irq_chip.
> >
> > THE MPC52xx_IRQ2 is a excerpt from "include/ppc/mpc52xx.h" (per copy
> > paste), but mpc52xx is (now) a powerpc-arch. What is the desired value for
> > IRQ-2 on a mpc5200b?
> The irq number you pass into request_irq is a system-wide irq number;
> it doesn't necessarily map directly onto the MPC52xx irq number.
> Typically, you'd have a node for your device in the device tree which
> has a phandle back to the interrupt node and you would use
> irq_of_parse_and_map() to map it back to a system-wide irq number.

The IRQ-pin-2 belongs to "PIN-configuration-nodes" described in
"booting-without-of.txt"? Than, what is the QE for my MPC5200B?

Can u give me an example with a single IRQ of a configuration-node for a


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