[RFC] AmigaOne device tree source v2

Segher Boessenkool segher at kernel.crashing.org
Thu Sep 6 23:41:57 EST 2007

> BTW: It looks like the Pegasos II device tree defines device_type = 
> "spi"
> for the IDE controller. Is that correct?

There is no standard binding for an "spi" device type.  I have no
idea which of various "SPI" kind of devices is meant here; and none
of the ones I know of have anything to do with ATA anyway.

In short, it probably is incorrect.

Also, in general, you shouldn't use "device_type" in flat device
trees (the main exceptions are: some/most bus nodes, cpu nodes,
some other "standard" nodes).

>> There is no such thing as "interrupt 14 and 15" on PCI.  You can use
>> the interrupt mapping recommended practice to show two interrupts
>> (and their polarity, and how they are routed to the relevant interrupt
>> controller) in the IDE node.
> But I'll still need a quirk in the IDE driver, because it doesn't make
> use of any interrupt routing information in the device tree. If so, I
> can omit the whole IDE controller device node and simply rely on the
> IDE driver's probe functions and the Pegasos IDE IRQ quirk.
> I wonder how this issue will be handled for libata and the via-pata
> driver, since IIRC this one doesn't contain the Pegasos IDE IRQ quirk.

I imagine the ata quirk would ask the arch or platform code about
the interrupts used; it in turn can query the device tree.


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