Sleep problems with kernels >= 2.6.21 on powerpc

Andrew Morton akpm at
Thu Sep 6 05:44:11 EST 2007

> On Wed, 05 Sep 2007 19:47:42 +0200 Stefan Richter <stefanr at> wrote:
> Andrew Morton wrote:
> >>> Trying to free already-free IRQ 40
> >>> pci_set_power_state(): 0002:20:0e.0: state=3, current state=5
> >>> firewire_ohci: pci_set_power_state failed with -22<3>pci_device_suspend(): pci_suspend+0x0/0x9c [firewire_ohci]() returns -22
> > 
> > I grepped the whole tree for firewire_ohci and came up blank.  What is it?
> drivers/firewire/fw-ohci.c -> fw-ohci.o -> firewire-ohci.o ->
> firewire-ohci.ko

argh.  It's not the first time that the module system's weird
replace-dash-with-underscore thing has fooled me.

> > But yes, a failed pci_set_power_state() will hurt.  Perhaps this is
> > a result of some recently-added return-value checking fix but as I
> > cannot find the dang code I cannot tell.
> The old ohci1394.c used to ignore pci_set_power_state's return value.
> In the pre 2.6.19-rc1 commit ea6104c22468239083857fa07425c312b1ecb424, I
> added a fail-on-error.  This was toned down to a printk-on-err by pre
> 2.6.19-rc4 commit 346f5c7ee7fa4ebee0e4c96415a7e59716bfa1d0.


> This was because of Benjamin Herrenschmidt's regression report:

It's not clear _why_ pci_set_power_state() is failing.

> A trivial post -rc1 compatible fix is coming in a minute.

neato, thanks.

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