firewire in prebuilt kernel packages (was Re: Sleep problems with kernels >= 2.6.21 on powerpc)

Stefan Richter stefanr at
Thu Sep 6 05:01:28 EST 2007

>>> On 30 Aug 2007 22:42:46 +0200 "Tim Teulings" <rael at> wrote:
>>> The kernel is:
>>>> Linux kismet 2.6.22-1-powerpc #1 Sun Jul 29 13:58:06 CEST 2007 ppc GNU/Linux
>>> The relveant debian package:
>>>> linux-image-2.6.22-1-powerpc_2.6.22-3_powerpc.deb
>>> I'm running a mixture of debian testing/unstable.

At the moment, distributors should not provide the experimental
firewire-* drivers as the only or primary FireWire drivers, unless they
know exactly what the gotchas are.  As a hint, CONFIG_FIREWIRE currently
depends on EXPERIMENTAL, CONFIG_IEEE1394 does not.  Some basic
information can be found at
Stefan Richter
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