[RFC] powerpc: Document new property called interrupt-parents

Yoder Stuart-B08248 stuart.yoder at freescale.com
Thu Mar 1 02:56:55 EST 2007

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> On Tue, Feb 27, 2007 at 04:54:45PM -0600, Stuart Yoder wrote:
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> > Document new property called interrupt-parents which can
> > be used to represent interrupts for devices that route
> > interrupts to more than one interrupt controller.
> Well, whatever Segher says, I'm still very concerned about the
> potential for extra difficulty in debugging with this approach.

The issue, as I understand it, is the potential for an old
kernel parser to silently misparse a new dev tree with this
new property.

Do the version and last_comp_version in the blob header
help here?

If new dev trees with this new property were encoded with a
version=0x17 and last_comp_version=0x17 would the old
kernel parser error out if it only supported up to 0x16?

I'm not sure or not if that is the intended use of those
fields, but I think parser/DTS compatibility issues could
be solved by some kind of versioning.

It's more of a general problem.


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