Another Update (SUCCESS) on: MPC85xx git/MPC8548cds - PCI/PCIE problemS w/ Marvel SATA driver...

Andy Fleming afleming at
Thu Mar 1 02:38:38 EST 2007

On Feb 27, 2007, at 10:45, Morrison, Tom wrote:

> As indicated before, I got the SATA drive fully
> accessed via the PCI interface (that uses the Marvell
> 6042 chip).
> With some help from Freescale and based upon the CDS/Carrier/
> Motherboard combination that I have (2.2/1.2/3.0), I was
> required to merge the PCI Express piece of the Standard
> DTS file into the legacy version. Further, I modified
> the standard sata_mv.c to recognize the Marvell 7042 chip
> as a valid/supportable id.
> The question now is:  What do I do with these changes?
> I am assuming that someone from Freescale will update the
> DTS changes, but what about the change to sata_mv.c?

Actually, if you could send a patch for this, I'd appreciate it.  I'm  
not completely clear on which changes you made, here.

I want to make sure we get them all.


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