[PATCH 10/10] IB/ehca: Support large page MRs

Joachim Fenkes FENKES at de.ibm.com
Tue Jul 17 07:11:47 EST 2007

Roland Dreier <rdreier at cisco.com> wrote on 16.07.2007 19:37:09:

>  > If enabled via the mr_largepage module parameter, 
> Why the module parameter?  Is there any reason a user would want to
> turn this off?  Or conversely, why is it off by default?

We're pretty confident this new feature works, but as with all new and 
possibly experimental features, there are chances it might explode your 
machine when activated. So, like with the scaling code, we want the user 
to make the conscious decision of using this code instead of activating it 
by default.
>  >  static ssize_t ehca_show_nr_eqs(struct device *dev,
>  >              struct device_attribute *attr,
>  >              char *buf)
>  >  {
>  >     return sprintf(buf, "%d\n", ehca_nr_eqs);
>  >  }
>  > -
>  >  static DEVICE_ATTR(nr_eqs, S_IRUGO, ehca_show_nr_eqs, NULL);
> Although trivial, this chunk doesn't really belong in this patch --
> just fix it up in the multiple EQ patch (which I haven't merged yet).

Sure thing.


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