[PATCH 10/10] IB/ehca: Support large page MRs

Roland Dreier rdreier at cisco.com
Tue Jul 17 03:37:09 EST 2007

 > Add support for MR pages larger than 4K on eHCA2. This reduces firmware
 > memory consumption. If enabled via the mr_largepage module parameter, the MR
 > page size will be determined based on the MR length and the hardware
 > capabilities - if the MR is >= 16M, 16M pages are used, for example.

Why the module parameter?  Is there any reason a user would want to
turn this off?  Or conversely, why is it off by default?

Also this patch seems to depend heavily on the multiple EQ patch,
which I am holding off on now.  So you may want to rebase to my
current tree, which has all the ehca patches except the EQ one.

 >  static ssize_t ehca_show_nr_eqs(struct device *dev,
 >  				struct device_attribute *attr,
 >  				char *buf)
 >  {
 >  	return sprintf(buf, "%d\n", ehca_nr_eqs);
 >  }
 > -
 >  static DEVICE_ATTR(nr_eqs, S_IRUGO, ehca_show_nr_eqs, NULL);

Although trivial, this chunk doesn't really belong in this patch --
just fix it up in the multiple EQ patch (which I haven't merged yet).

 - R.

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