[PATCH] Start arch/powerpc/boot code reorganization

Mark A. Greer mgreer at mvista.com
Thu Sep 21 07:57:38 EST 2006

On Thu, Sep 21, 2006 at 07:32:37AM +1000, Benjamin Herrenschmidt wrote:
> > So please comment the nastiness with a big "HACK HACK HACK" comment and
> > make sure it only ever gets used on systems where nothing better is
> > available, and all should be fine.
> An option is to call it something like fw,address to avoid confusion and
> make it somewhat clearer that it's really a firmware address useable
> within the context of the firmware...

Okay.  We did talk about that but then we realized that "address"
was for vaddrs.  We thought of other names like "bootwrapper-vaddr"
etc. but "fw,address" or "fw,vaddr" are probably better--they show that
the vaddr was setup by the fw.



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