Linux on custom Xilinx board with PPC405 hangs on boot

Peter N. Andreasen peterarbejde at
Wed Sep 13 00:06:22 EST 2006

I have an FPGA board which is based on the Xilinx ML300 board but without
disk and display. It has 4MB flash, and 32MB SDRAM, and uses the uartlite
serial port.
The RAM is located at 0x0000'0000 - 0x01FF'FFFF
I downloaded the kernel from Montavista, built a board support package in
Xilinx Platform Studio, and managed to configure and build the kernel.
However when I transfer the resulting zImage.elf file to the board, the
attached terminal only shows:

loaded at:     00040000 00D4140E
board data at: 00D41183 00D41105
relocated to:  0004258F 00043501
zimage at:     00048550 0074E751
initrd at:     00740800 00D420FF
avail ram:     00D40500 20000000

Linux/PPC load: root=/dev/ram rw console=/dev/ttyS0
Uncompressing Linux...done.
Now booting the kernel

and then it dies.

In the debug window I have this:

XMD% dow c:/Hardi/zImage.initrd.elf
        section, .text: 0x00400000-0x004047b8
        section, .data: 0x00405000-0x004d1000
        section, .bss: 0x004d1000-0x004d41e0

Downloading ELF File c:/Hardi/zImage.initrd.elf
Program header record #0, Size = 0xD1000.
Downloading program section : Start = 0x00400000, length = 0x000d1000
Downloaded Program c:/Hardi/zImage.initrd.elf
Setting PC with program start addr = 0x00400000
PC reset to 0x00400000, Clearing MSR Register
XMD% con
Processor started. Type "stop" to stop processor
Processor stopped at PC: 0x6fbf0700

XMD% dis 0x6fbf0700
6FBF0700:   00000000

so it looks like the processor somewhere is sent out in space -
Does anyone have an idea how to find the problem?

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