[PATCH 1/2] Add MPC52xx Interrupt controller support for ARCH=powerpc

Nicolas DET nd at bplan-gmbh.de
Tue Oct 31 19:25:20 EST 2006

Benjamin Herrenschmidt wrote:
>> Well, on a personal point of view, the only usable mailer I know does 
>> not run on my 'work' OS. I'll copy/paste from an editor ;-)
> And both are ? (mailer and 'work' OS ? :)

Mailer: SimpleMail. Almost usable a bit buggy.
'work' OS: Linux PowerPC ;-)

>>> +/* MBAR position */
>>> +#define MPC52xx_MBAR        0xf0000000    /* Phys address */
>>> +#define MPC52xx_MBAR_VIRT    0xf0000000    /* Virt address */
>>> +#define MPC52xx_MBAR_SIZE    0x00010000
>>> +
>>> +#define MPC52xx_PA(x)        ((phys_addr_t)(MPC52xx_MBAR + (x)))
>>> +#define MPC52xx_VA(x)        ((void __iomem *)(MPC52xx_MBAR_VIRT + (x)))
>>> This should be handled dynamically (pulled from the device tree), I 
>>> doubt MBAR will be at the same location for all boards.
>> Well, 0xf000000 seems some kind of 'standart' value. we could have a 
>> global variable 'mpc52xx_mbar' which would be default 0xf0000000 and 
>> modified by each platform.
> No. No magic globals. If we need some common code for dealing with some
> 52xx specific bits, them have a file somewhere, possibly in sysdev,
> containing those and exposing functions.

Ok. By the way, the mbar is include as property in our OpenFrimware. 
Moreover, the G2CORE CPU has a new SPR 'MBAR' which is the MBAR ;-). It 
would maybe make sense to create a new file 
(arch/powerpc/sysdev/mpc52xx.c) which would contain chip specific code.

Like mpc52xx_get_mbar(), mpc52xx_get_ipbfreq(), etc...

I updated a bit the patches. I applied Dale requests.
My kernel still compiles and boots. ;-)

Should I post the new patches?

About the headers thingy. Should I split them directly in the patch, or 
this should be done by others later on?

About the serials and USB part. Have anyone already do some work (moving 
to of_platform, etc...)?

As far as I see, the Efika platform patch did not get any comment, 
should I assume it is good enough for inclusion in the main stream kernel?

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