kernel BUG in __cache_alloc_node at linux-2.6.git/mm/slab.c:3177!

Paul Mackerras paulus at
Thu Oct 19 07:19:30 EST 2006

Christoph Lameter writes:

> > Linus' tree is currently broken for us.  Any suggestions for how to
> > fix it, since I am not very familiar with the NUMA code?
> Have memory available for slab boot strap on node 0? Or modify the boot 
> code in such a way that it runs on node 1 or any other node that has 
> memory available.

OK, then I don't understand.  There is about 1GB of memory on node 0,
which is about half of the partition's memory, and it is even in a
contiguous chunk, but it doesn't start at pfn 0:

early_node_map[3] active PFN ranges
    1:        0 ->    32768
    0:    32768 ->   278528
    1:   278528 ->   524288

So it's not that node 0 doesn't have any pages.  Any other clues?


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