[RFC] New target 'cuImage' - compatibility uImage

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Fri Aug 4 06:25:57 EST 2006

In message <1154636438.5094.45.camel at localhost> you wrote:
> However, currently the zImage has an elfheader which will come before

May it have whatever it wants. It's irrelevant.


> > This way U-Boot will load (and if necessary  uncompress)  the  kernel
> > image plus your attached bootstrap code to it's normal start address.
> > Then  it starts your bootstrap code which can fixup DTB and then just
> > start the kernel.
> > 
> We do not need to worry about this with cuImage because the kernel
> section will not be compressed. If compression is desired it will be
> done at the U-Boot level (were U-Boot would do the uncompressing).

Yes,  we  do  need  to  care  about  this.  A  useless  copy  of  the
uncompressed  kernel  image  is  just  a  waste  of boot time. Not to
mention that you have to copy your bootstrapo loader out of  the  way
before it gets overwritten.

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