clock skew on B/W G3

Paul Mackerras paulus at
Tue Oct 4 22:48:32 EST 2005

Rune Torgersen writes:

> CONFIG_HZ is not broken, but the whole clock configuration is.
> (I poseded something about it for 8260 earlier this summer)
> Basic problem is that CLOCK_TICK_RATE which is used for setting up the
> variables used for advancing the clock, is hardcoded to a value that
> only makes sence for an i386. (it is default set at 1193180Hz which
> happens to be the timer clock for timer1 on an i386 machine)

I do not believe CLOCK_TICK_RATE affects timekeeping at all on ppc or
ppc64 machines, but I could be wrong.  Can you show us where and how
CLOCK_TICK_RATE affects things?


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