2.6.14 USB vs. sleep issues

Wolfgang Pfeiffer roto at gmx.net
Thu Nov 17 05:25:37 EST 2005

On Wed, Nov 16, 2005 at 07:09:26PM +0100, Wolfgang Pfeiffer wrote:

> Ben, I just compiled and installed a from kernel.org with
> none of your patches from this thread applied to it, and I have no
> sleep/wakeup probs with it so far: about 3 instances of sleep/wakeup
> until now, all of them successful.
> Maybe I even made it a bit more complicated for the system, as I
> connected a USB HUB, with 4 ports, to the machine: It just seems to
> work ... [ ... ]

Just for the sake of completeness: I have (SCSI) problems with,
but none of them seem to be USB/sleep related:

Not being sure whether this latter URL works: I just read "The
SourceForge.net Website is currently down for maintenance" But the
name of the thread up there is:
"Fw: Loading FireWire disk fails. Fix: "modprobe ieee1394

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