eth0: PHY id 0x00221619 is not supported! HELP

Colin Leroy colin at
Sat May 14 05:30:49 EST 2005

On 13 May 2005 at 14h05, Nghiem, Tien wrote:


>          rc = reset_one_mii_phy(phy, mii_id);
>         //if (rc)
>         //        return -ENODEV;

Why disabling such guards?

>         //for (i=0; (def = mii_phy_table[i]) != NULL; i++)
>         //        if ((id & def->phy_id_mask) == def->phy_id)
>         //                break;

Just an idea, I guess it'd be far more clean to add the phy id to
mii_phy_table[] (and, optionally, send the patch so you won't have to
do it everytime).

You're just asking for breakage there.

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