boot time scheduling hile atomic

Takeharu KATO kato.takeharu at
Wed Mar 16 16:49:36 EST 2005

Hi Benjamin:

I forgot writing that I've sent the revised edition of
the patch to the PPC-Dev ML.
Please see the patch as ``boot time scheduling w hile atomic fix''
which I posted in 2005-03-15 from Patch tracking
system for PowerPC Linux as follows.

It changes the implementation of kernel_thread function
to be performed with function call.


Takeharu KATO wrote:

> But, the kernel invoke a system call trap when it execute kernel_thread call
> (at rest_init line:382) on PowerPC.
> The preemption count has positive value here.
> So, PowerPC linux kernel invoke system call when the preempt count is up.

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