boot time scheduling hile atomic

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Wed Mar 16 16:24:41 EST 2005

Hi Benjamin:

Thank you for your response.

> I think the problem is more why are we calling a syscall while the
> preempt count is up ?
Because, start_kernel(line:455) in init/main.c count up this.
-- start_kernel (init/main.c)
451         /*
452          * Disable preemption - early bootup scheduling is extremely
453          * fragile until we cpu_idle() for the first time.
454          */
455         preempt_disable();
456         build_all_zonelists();
-- start_kernel(init/main.c)

Preemption is disabled until it enters the body of idle task from rest_init.
Please see below:
-- rest_init (init/main.c)
379 static void noinline rest_init(void)
380         __releases(kernel_lock)
381 {
382         kernel_thread(init, NULL, CLONE_FS | CLONE_SIGHAND);
383         numa_default_policy();
384         unlock_kernel();
385         preempt_enable_no_resched();
386         cpu_idle();
387 }
I think that the kernel assumes that init thread(the kernel thread which become to
init process later) is kicked by idle process(cpu_idle).

But, the kernel invoke a system call trap when it execute kernel_thread call
(at rest_init line:382) on PowerPC.
The preemption count has positive value here.
So, PowerPC linux kernel invoke system call when the preempt count is up.


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