boot time scheduling hile atomic

Takeharu KATO kato.takeharu at
Thu Mar 10 15:51:27 EST 2005


Joerg Dorchain wrote:
> On Thu, Mar 03, 2005 at 03:18:32PM +0100, Joerg Dorchain wrote:
>>>>scheduling while atomic: swapper/0x00000002/0
>>>>Call trace:
>>>> [c0007620] dump_stack+0x18/0x28
>>>> [c01de704] schedule+0x678/0x67c
>>>> [c0004500] syscall_exit_work+0x108/0x10c
>>>> [c02a97b4] proc_root_init+0x168/0x174
>>>> [ff847288] 0xff847288
>>>> [c02945e8] start_kernel+0x144/0x170
>>>> [00003a30] 0x3a30
>>I'll do tonight.
> I am more wondering what in proc_root_init or immediately after it
> causes a call to the exit_work syscall.
This is not called by proc_root_init.
It seems be called by timer interrupt
(I confirmed it by viewing trap number in
interrupt context with ICE).

As long as I investigate the problem,
proc_root_init is called twice.
At first time, it's called from
start_kernel in init/main.c.
Second case, it seems to be called by some kind of
init call facility.

proc_root_init is not init_call function, I could not
figure out concretely why it called twice.

I will investigate the problem as long as I can.

I wishes this report to become your help.

Takeharu KATO
Fujitsu Limited
Email:kato.takeharu at

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