boot time scheduling hile atomic

_evil evilninja at
Sat Mar 5 02:06:01 EST 2005

Joerg Dorchain wrote:
>>>i don't know why you're getting this error, but seeing "swapper" to be
>>>involved here: can you compile with CONFIG_SWAP=n and boot this one?
>>I'll do tonight.
> Did so, no effect on this. IMHO "swapper" is a somewhat misguiding name
> for the idle task with pid 0.

yes, i just guessed. sadly, it did not help :-\
and i can't decode the backtrace either.

does the system halt after the message? if not, we a re not in a hurry 
and if you have time you could possbily track it down a bit to 1) the 
kernelversion when it happened first and/or 2) find the .config option, 
that causes this error.

if the box halts after this, and no guru from linuxppc-dev is available, 
maybe you should try and post on linux-kernel too.

just my 2c,

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