[PATCH] final mv643xx_eth pegasos patch set ...

Sven Luther sven.luther at wanadoo.fr
Wed Mar 9 06:28:05 EST 2005


Ok, thanks for your help, here is the final (hopefully) and cleaned up version
of my patches :

  1) mv643xx-eth-pegasos.diff
  This is the arch/ppc/platform diff, benh, could you look it over, and merge
  it in ? It is not really usefull without the mv643xx_eth.c changes, but dale
  is going to move those in together with his patches.

  2) linux-2.5-mv643xx-enet-pegasos.diff
  This is just two small hunks against dale's linux-2.5-mv643xx-enet tree,
  which include the SA_INTERRUPT -> SA_IRQ and the Kconfig change. Dale said
  he would merge them with his stuff, hopefully for 2.6.12.

  3) mv643xx-eth.diff
  This is the linux-2.5-mv643xx-enet diff against 2.6.11, together with the
  linux-2.5-mv643xx-enet-pegasos.diff changes, for those who want to build
  against 2.6.11.

So to build against the linux-2.5-mv643xx-enet tree, you need 1) and 2) and to
build against 2.6.11 you need 1) and 3).

I am currently running the patches included in these changes, and will include
them in the debian 2.6.11 kernels unless i hear otherwise. 


Sven Luther

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