mv643xx_eth SA_SHIRQ support patch

Sven Luther sven.luther at
Wed Mar 9 05:19:08 EST 2005

On Tue, Mar 08, 2005 at 11:19:18AM -0700, Mark A. Greer wrote:
> Sven Luther wrote:
> >Also going to add the explicit detection of the marvell bridge in the OF 
> >tree,
> >
> Do you really need to do that, though?  Just finding "Pegasos" or 
> "Pegasos2" in the 'model' field of the device tree should be sufficient, 
> shouldn't it? (if I'm reading the code correctly)

Well, benh suggested it, so ... Basically i look for a host named node which
is a marvel discovery 2 pci id.

> >but need to decide what to check for there.
> The only way that I know of to tell if you're on a mv64x60 bridge is to 
> do a pci cfg read of the vendor/device id fields of fcn 0 of the 

Yep, this is what i chose. Well in the of device tree not the pci-config

> bridge's device on that pci hose.  By default, the bus number of both 
> hoses are 0 (but OF probably sets the second one to be > 0 depending on 
> how many pci buses there are hanging off hose 0), the bridge will be 
> device 0 on both hoses, the vendor id will be PCI_VENDOR_ID_MARVELL 
> (0x11ab) and the device id will be PCI_DEVICE_ID_MARVELL_MV64360 
> (0x6460) for a mv64360.

Nice, didn't think about using the #defines, will modify this.

> Unfortunately, the bus number of each hose, the device # of the bridge's 
> device on that hose (see "PCI P2P Configuration" register offsets 0x1d14 
> & 0x1d94), and the vendor & device ids (by a pci cfg write to those 
> fields) can all be changed by the fw .  I guess the device tree tells 
> you the bus number of each hose so you can generate the proper cfg 
> access and I doubt OF changes the bridge's device # and pci vendor/dev 
> id but I wanted to make you aware of the potential.

The only problem would be if there is more than one 'host' node in the OF
device-tree, but i guess chances are good that even if there are more than
one, the first one would be the marvell one. Well, there are at least two,
one per bus, but i mean beyond that.

The driver seems to work, i was able to launch a dhclient on top of it, but
didn't do more testing. I will do some additional cleanup, and then i think
the patch will be ready.

Thanks for your help, you and Dale and Ben and the others who gave hints on
how to make this happen.


Sven Luther

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