Any Patches for MPC 8270 ?

Bharath G - CTD , Chennai bharathg at
Thu Jan 6 17:16:42 EST 2005

Hi All,
		This is my fist mail to this mailing list. New year
greetings to all on the list.

	I am working on a MPC8270 Based board with a montavista linux
kernel.Now i seem to have bumped into a lot of problems with this kernel.I
dont seem have support for USB-1.0 or I2C on the controller in this

	I was wondering where should i kick start my porting effort on a
2.4.X and a 2.6.x kernel, if anyone has any patches for the MPC8270 i would
be much obliged to use the same. 

	I am also using a PCI-USB 2.0 on my board.I have seen some nasty
problems in 2.4.X with a EPIA-M board on the USB 2.0 bus , are these issues
relevant in the PPC 2.4.X kernel ? I know that a backport has been done for
the 2.4.X kernel series, but still wanted to check with forum if anyone has
had any problems on the 2.4.X kernel with USB 2.0.

Any pointers on this would be really helpful,

Waiting for a reply,

Thanks in advance,


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