[PATCH 2.6.10-rc3][PPC32] Fix Motorola PReP (PowerstackII Utah) PCI IRQ map

Leigh Brown leigh at solinno.co.uk
Tue Feb 22 23:23:11 EST 2005

Sebastian Heutling said:
> Meelis Roos wrote:
>>> The PCI IRQ map for the old Motorola PowerStackII (Utah) boards was
>>> incorrect, but this breakage wasn't exposed until 2.5, and finally
>>> fixed
>>> until recently by Sebastian Heutling <sheutlin at gmx.de>.
>> Yesterday I finally got around to testing it. It seems the patch has
>> been applied in Linus's tree so I downloaded the latest BK and tried it.
>> Still does not work for me but this time it's different. Before the
>> patch SCSI worked fine but PCI NICs caused hangs. Now I can't test PCI
>> NICs because even the onboard 53c825 SCSI hangs - seems it gets no
>> interrupts.
>> It detects the HBA, tries device discovery, gets a timeout, ABORT,
>> timeout, TARGET RESET, timeout, BUS RESET, timeout, HOST RESET and
>> there it hangs.
>> Does it work for anyone else on Powerstack II Pro4000 (Utah)?
> It does work in 2.6.8 using backported patches (e.g. the debian 2.6.8
> kernel). But it doesn't work above that version because of other patches
> in arch/ppc/platforms/prep_pci.c and arch/ppc/platforms/prep_setup.c
> (made by Tom Rini?). I couldn't find out what exactly is causing this
> problem yet (because lack of time and the fact that my Powerstack is
> used as a router).

Ah, this could well be my fault.  Those patches were to improve support
of IBM RS/6000 PReP boxes.  Do those machines have residual data?  If
so, could anyone who has one send me the contents of /proc/residual?

Also, a full boot log when working and failing would be cool.

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