[PATCH 2.6.10-rc3][PPC32] Fix Motorola PReP (PowerstackII Utah) PCI IRQ map

Sebastian Heutling sheutlin at gmx.de
Tue Feb 22 23:01:22 EST 2005

Meelis Roos wrote:

>> The PCI IRQ map for the old Motorola PowerStackII (Utah) boards was
>> incorrect, but this breakage wasn't exposed until 2.5, and finally fixed
>> until recently by Sebastian Heutling <sheutlin at gmx.de>.
> Yesterday I finally got around to testing it. It seems the patch has 
> been applied in Linus's tree so I downloaded the latest BK and tried it.
> Still does not work for me but this time it's different. Before the 
> patch SCSI worked fine but PCI NICs caused hangs. Now I can't test PCI 
> NICs because even the onboard 53c825 SCSI hangs - seems it gets no 
> interrupts.
> It detects the HBA, tries device discovery, gets a timeout, ABORT, 
> timeout, TARGET RESET, timeout, BUS RESET, timeout, HOST RESET and 
> there it hangs.
> Does it work for anyone else on Powerstack II Pro4000 (Utah)?
It does work in 2.6.8 using backported patches (e.g. the debian 2.6.8 
kernel). But it doesn't work above that version because of other patches 
in arch/ppc/platforms/prep_pci.c and arch/ppc/platforms/prep_setup.c 
(made by Tom Rini?). I couldn't find out what exactly is causing this 
problem yet (because lack of time and the fact that my Powerstack is 
used as a router).


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