[PATCH] ppc32: pmac sleep support update

Olaf Hering olh at suse.de
Thu Feb 3 23:57:25 EST 2005

 On Tue, Jan 18, Benjamin Herrenschmidt wrote:

> Hi !
> This patch updates the PowerMac sleep support. The ability to sleep is now broken
> into 2 different flags, one, "may sleep" is set for all motherboards that we know
> how to put to sleep and wakeup. It gets turned into "can sleep" upon a call from
> the video driver indicating the ability to wakeup the video card. This doesn't
> deal with head-less machines, but this can be improved later. It also adds better
> cache flush code, which improves stability with cpufreq as well as sleep.
> This patch actually breaks sleep support until the video drivers for the affected
> machines have been updated. This will come as separate patches.

Is that supposed to work? 2.6.11-rc2-bk10 sleeps ok on a pismo, but -rc3
just does nothing when closing the lid.

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